These are some written reviews submitted by members of Livepencil.

Coolest "smileys" I have ever seen. I do not regret paying for the lifetime subscription... Especially the facal expression of your emoticons are the best I have ever seen and every body says always smiling when having an email from me in the inbox

Just wanted to let you know .... I've had a rotten day, until I seen your work ! I just couldn't stop ... first a smile...than out right giggles!! Thanks for reminding me not to take life so seriously ! - T.Riedstra

Absolutely --- No one should have this much fun! Thank you - Victoriancatz

Just wanted to let you know that your website is the BEST one I have ever had the fortune to luck in on. It is FANTASTIC and when my friends comment on my great emails I direct them to your site. - Anne-Marie

I lovvvvvve Live Pencil! you make such unique graphics, icons, ani's that even though I search through Google.Com for other sites, I can't find any that compare in personality and detail.

I really enjoyed your work ... pretty different.....and interesting.........You have great talent.... Congratulations !!!!!.......But please ......continue ... because I'll be back !!!! Thank You... - Louise - Canada

Your work is FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in case you needed a reminder...teehee.) Keep up the great work!!! It's always fun to see your creations!! Always brightens my day!! - Dawn

You are the most amazingly imaginative and talented individual I have witnessed in a great many years. I was driven to write, and simply say, "Bravo! Bravissimo!" You have put many added layers to the depths of my smile & laugh lines tonight ... and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Susie

You are Brilliant !! Love the animations and I can see this becoming ADDICTIVE. - Christine

I am enjoying myself immensely. I feel like a big kid in a candy store at the moment. - Margaret

It is a really great site! - Herbert from Austria

Just a quick note to tell you that you are the most talented cartoonist whose work I have been fortunate enough to have access to.
I thoroughly enjoy your work and wish I could do it so well. Keep up the good work and thanks for allowing us to share your talent with others when we include it in our e-mails, etc! I take every opportunity to tell people about your web site. - Barb Mast

I love your site , I find it very entertaining and funny. I will place a link to your site on my page , keep up the good work. Greetings from South Africa - Arno Janse van Rensburg

Thanks for all of your help. It is very rare to find someone in the vast spaces of the internet and the world wide web who shows that they are actually concerned about their web site and the people who visit it. You are a great example of how people should treat each other. Keep up the good works! - Larry


I usually don't do this, but I wanted to tell you how much I love your site. I go crazy over these things. thx - Carol

I just found your incredibly wonderful site tonight. After immediately joining, I have spent the past few hours in a complete wonderland ... downloading nothing, but rather just looking ... window shopping if you will ... absolutely enthralled ~ much as a child is at Christmas! - Susie

I want to make a declaration of love to your works. I am in love with yours smiles, animation! I live in Russia. You emoticons help me to express my feelings in letters. You are the Best! Thanks! - Sveta

I just became a member and all I can say is WOW !!!! Best selection and quality I have seen in a long long time! Good job and worth the money (even though I am out of work) - Peace4nony

Never seen anything like it. - Bloody marvelous. - I´am speechless. - Out of this world!!!!!!!!! - Jarl anielsen Oslo NORWAY

Just a little feedback concerning your new emoticons: they are fantastic!! Congratulations and thank you for your great work. Regards and greetings from Germany, - Petra Steinsiek

Just want to tell you, how much I really LOVE your beautiful Emoticons and also my Daughters do !
You're a fantastic artist !!! Go on like that ! Yours "Fan" Sonja Dullin

Just had to tell you how much I love the new dancing emotions...they are too cute!!!! I am one of your biggest fans... I really admire your work and ALWAYS look forward to the new updates. I REALLY love animation!!! Keep up the good work!!! - Carol

I just wanted to thank you for this site i look forward to all the new ones as they are done well and when days are not great I always have a chuckle at your work. Have a great day - Jeanne

Just had to write to tell you I 'Love, Love, Love' that new game '10 Differences'. I guess it's the kid in me!!! I also sent them to my grandchildren to play with. Thanks so much

Those are sooooo cute!! Thanks - Judy

Your emoticons and pencil work is incredible. I wish I had the skill and time it takes to do this type of art. I will come back often! - Kelly

I love your work...best I have ever seen. I always look forward to seeing what you will come up with next. - Dorothy

Your graphics are really fun!! I'm getting more e-mails from my friends now because they want to see what comes up next. Hope they will subscribe soon. - Carol


I would like to say how much I appreciate the excellent quality of your work. A lot of thought and imagination and hard work must go into producing Live Pencil -- well done and I look forward to subscribing again. Best wishes - Rhod

Thank you for these animations. Once more you've done a great job... I'm very, very pleased with the result.

Thanks for going to so much trouble for me. I'll be sure to tell my friends where these animations came from! Good luck for the future. Regards, - Ian

Thank you for the animations! I think you are doing a fantastic job & your animations always bring a smile to my face! - Debra-Ann

I just wanted to thank you for your live pencil website . I was especially touched by the "SMILES AROUND THE WORLD"!!!!! I truly believe that smiles can change the world because smiles are universal, they are common to EVERYONE , (even my pets know my smiles and laughter...and I think they smile and laugh with me!).
Mr. teja. I am rambling..but I just wanted to say how glad I am to have found your website ! and I love your GREAT work... thanks for letting me enjoy your talent, Very sincerely yours - Kathleen

Hi! Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoy your animations. I've downloaded pretty much everything and am glad to be a member. Keep up the great work! - Cindy & Missy

You are the best - Fabio De Paolis

Just wanted to thank you for sharing your talents with others. Sure makes my day to use your animations in my letters! Thanks again! - Deb Dell

I joined your website because it's just so wonderful. You are such an imaginative, creative, whimsical individual - your web art is lovely and I see and appreciate how much time and love you put into your animations. I look forward to all your new creations! Well, please keep up the beautiful work. Sincerely - , Judy Thomas Lynchburg, Virginia USA

I just have to tell you again how much I have enjoyed my membership at your site. I just renewed it and I look forward to all the updates. I remember when I first started there, I had a question and you answered it in email right away... I don't forget things like that. I just love animation and you are such a talented person...
Thanks for all the time you spend making that site so cute... I just love it!!!!! Keep up the good work... I for one, REALLY appreciate it!!!! Your work really amazes me. I have your desktop icons on my desktop and they are so adorable...love them all!!!!
Thanks... - Carol

Congratulations on your beautiful work!!! I am so happy to have subscribed yesterday. Everything is beautiful!!!! - Isolda

I just wanted to tell you how much I love LivePencil! There's so much to choose from, and new updates keep me coming for more! It's really great to have access to such a vast supply of images... Now, if only I could master these infuriating slide puzzles, LOL! - Lauren Finch, LivePencil addict

Ramon, it's me Ruth, just want to say I love it!!!

I just want to say that I really love your creativity. It is so refreshing to see what others can do on the computer. I am just amazed. I have sent your link onto many friends and relatives.
Thank you for entertaining me for the past 3 1/2 hours. - Patti Simpson


Great site, wonderfully designed. And a great idea to put smiles of people. You know: a smile brings a smile. Thank you - Helena Espírito Santo

At last I have found you. I have been hunting for the originator of the Noah's Ark with the woodpecker for almost a year now. I really like this picture. I so enjoy your work. The Ark series is terrific! Thank you. - Martha Jones

I simply love all the animations you are making, and I wonder what sort of program you are using for your icons and animations?? You are very good at this stuff, so don`t stop with making animations... - Isabelle (Sweden)

I was just looking at the tickle you section It is so funny
I was wondering with what kind of a program can you make these kind of animations?
I mean that head that almost lift off lollllllll, or that dog which ears moved after he lost his nose hahahaha
My compliments great work!!! Hugs, - Yvon

I just want to tell you how much I look forward to visiting your website. It has become a special place for me to go each day, and seeing so many of my pictures there makes me feel like a personal part of your wonderful site.
I plan to recommend your most entertaining website to everyone I know.
Thank you so much for sharing it with us.your friend, - Mickeymom

I want to take a minute to tell you that I think "livepencil" is the greatest thing since computers, and now you have made them complete. I just joined as a member on May 15. I am enjoying it very much. Again, your site is wonderful, and I'm glad to be able to share the fun with everyone I know. Thank You, - Tori Beaver.

Your icons and gifs are the best on the web have voted for you - Ann


You're a star, you are!!!!!! Many, many thanx Regards, - Neil Marsden.

Many thanks Ramon. I wait with batted breath All those delights to lighten my life!! - Barrie Peaple

I have been having the most fun all weekend exploring all this. i had forgotten i bought the standard version. all my friends cannot believe how much fun this is. i have turned several of them onto this program!! GHADS>>>>>>>> thanks a mil. - kristie

I just wanted to say I sure enjoy all your great stuff. You are soooooo creative much better than a lot of animators. You put fun into all my e-mails and my friends never know what they will see inside one of my e-mails. I send them all over the world. Spunkiemom

Thanks so much.. I must commend you on your animations.. they are absolutely incredible! You are soooo talented! - Lisa

I just spent about an hour going through your site. How wonderful it is. I loved it all! Thank you again for making this possible. - Jen

Thank you for sending the info on my password. I am totally blown away by the talents you possess. It is wonderful that you can share such talents with us less developed wishfuls. - Sue

I just got back from a long absence (and no internet for two months). I saw what you've done with my photo (where I fall off the log): it great! Many thanks for this very nice and very funny work.
By the way, I was treated to a whole bunch of new wallpapers (since I was away I got them all in one browsing). They are really good. It was really a treat for me to come back and find such nice things waiting for me.
Congratulations and keep the great work going, best regards - Basil (always a fanatic fan of yours)

I have just joined this site and so far have downloaded many items I can use. I work from my home and it's hard to find unusual things. Thanks for providing this great site. I look forward to viewing it often and using many items for the holidays. Thanks again. - Terri

I am an avid fan of yours, and look forward to your newsletters and such! Thank you, - Donna Austin

You have something very wonderful in your work, keep it up.. - Linda

Thank You very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoy your work; nice site - Peg Arnold

You are a genius!! UR2cool! - Bonnie

Ramon, this is greeat!! Thank you, so very much. You are so clever and creative.... unbelievable! Thanks . - Jo

I have just found your site and I love it! Your animations are so original, they are a refreshing change. - Kathryn

Your site and work is fantastic. I think it is the best of all the gif sites. Count me as an enthusiastic fan. - Lana

Just wanted to let you know I think your page is great, used your animations and they are great. I use them for the Incredimail which I think is the greatest also. You have a great page there, wonderful job. - Gayl

I had to write and tell that I absolutely LOVE your site!! I was using a search engine looking for "unique" wallpaper. Your site was listed, so I decided to pay a visit. I love your wallpapers and icons, and am now a "Live Pencil Addict". I've told my daughter about your site as well, and now she's hooked as well. Keep up the great work!! :) :) :) Sincerely, - Sue Sharp

Awesome website. Please keep up the great work. - Monica

I thoroughly enjoyed your site! Nice navigation and the icons are the "funniest" ones I've encountered on the net. Happy, bold colors and some unique characters too. I look forward to more icons in the near future!
Sincerely, - Alan :o)


This is great! The "Noah" and "Animals" collections are wonderful. Even though I'm researching for a business site, I think including these, seasonally, would be fun (of course I'll link them back to you). Best wishes, - David

I just wanted to let you know that I have had a blast at your site!!!!! THANK you thank you for doing this. I use your animations, etc., in my email to my office staff and it is a hoot. Makes everything so much more enjoyable. Looking forward to visiting your site often -- appreciate the updates!!!
Excellent excellent work -- and I use your wallpapers too! So bright, happy, fun !!!! - Hope

I love everything about your web site. Magnificent! - Debbie

GREAT cartoons! Love your sense of humor and your crisp imaginative lines. What are the chances of getting permission to use the Noah cartoons on our Kids or Teens pages of our church website? The site is just in construction phase now. Know the kids would really like your cartoons. This "kid" (62) did! Either way .... thanks! - Gloria

I've been looking for some clever wallpapers that would actually show up clearly in the size I want. Of all the ones I visited and tried, yours is the first to do it. Great stuff! Really! - Janile

It's like 5am and I just finished working, just kinda tooling around the web now. And i gotta tell ya, i really love your work. Kudos my friend. Hope you're around a long, long time. Just love findin' cool new stuff. Thanks. I'll be back a lot :) - Anne

Absolutely Fantastic Site, can't wait to put a link for it on mine.

I just wondered if you had done all the artwork on the live pencil site.... I really love your style, the artwork is excellent. - Carla Jane

Excellent site and even more excellent artwork in your icons! Thank you for putting them out there for us folks who can't make cool icons like that! Appreciate it very much... Stay fun, - Doug

Your Website is WONDERFUL! I bookmarked and plan to visit often. Saved a bunch of animations too! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to new stuff in the future. - Turtle

...and many more...

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